Immigration and Nationality

I understand that your immigration case is one of the most pressing issues facing you and your family or business. The Bortel Firm, LLC, stands ready to listen to your questions and to work with you to find solutions to your issues. Angela Bortel has experience in business immigration, family-based immigration, humanitarian relief (like asylum), removal defense and appeals.

Business Immigration

The Bortel Firm, LLC, can work with your business to sponsor eligible employees.For those exceptional persons, Ms. Bortel can work with you to find the best immigrant or non-immigrant visa to suit your needs.

Family Sponsorship

Angela Bortel can help you apply for your family member and navigate the hurdles and delays that can often occur. She also can help with K-1 fiance visas and marriage-based petitions.

Humanitarian Relief

(Asylum, U Visa, T Visa, Humanitarian Parole, Deferred Action)

Immigration law has different types of humanitarian statuses. Individuals who are afraid of returning to their home country because of persecution based on their political opinion, race, nationality, religion or membership in a particular social group may be able to apply for asylum. People who have been a victim of certain crimes in the United States may be able to apply for a U visa.

Victims of human trafficking for the purpose of forced labor and prostitution can in some cases apply for a T visa. There may be other forms of humanitarian relief available for you in your case. Angela Bortel respects victims’ rights and will work hard to protect you.

Removal Defense

Attorney Angela Bortel regularly appears in Immigration Court. She will work with you to protect your status and fight for you to stay in the country.


Appellate work is complex and requires knowledge of the latest case law. Angela Bortel has successfully represented clients on appeal. With careful planning and research, I will work to put the best arguments forward in your immigration appeals case. These are two examples of federal appeals she has done for asylum applicants: Jewish woman from Russia and Non-Orthodox Christian from Russia.